Hey, I am a tester!

Hey, my name is Richard, I work as a software tester.

So, I just introduced my self to you, why, because I want to tell you what it is I do, but also to affirm you that I am proud of it, but to also plant the seed of "Testing: Richard" in your memory.

I would encourage you all to do this with everyone you work with and also your friends and family, why? Its quite simple, information. Whenever one of these persons hear something about testing in your company or if its a friend/family member hear something in the news, they will think of you, and might inform you of this information, they might not, but its a small process for potential huge reward.

Negative information could come your way, off course  but its still information, and would lead to you having the opportunity to explain why something happen, which in turn would educate said person even more on testing, and participially your skills.

They are also likely to talk to others about their interactions with you.

But none of this information would have been said, if you hadn't introduced yourself.
Also being forward about doing this, shows that you are passionate about your profession, your value your profession, and that you are proud to call yourself a tester.

Once you confident doing this within your company and friends and family, don't stop there, introduce yourself to testers online, there is a very active community of testers online, I would personally recommend:-
There are also several forums, but I started with the above, and haven't looked back since, yes sometimes there is information overload, but I would have that any day over little information, and if you listen to James Bach, information overload = nap, give your brain time to process it all, and we all love a nap.

So the above is what I tried to say in my 99 second talk at TestBash, however nerves got the better of me, but I felt I did make a few of these points, the video confirm, can't wait.....!

But I would have NEVER been stood on that stage, if I hadn't started telling people that I am a tester, and that I love testing, and want to talk and discuss all things testing.


  1. I think you said most of this well. 99 seconds is a hard space to talk in. I forgot a quarter of what I was going to say too :)

  2. I definitely got this from your talk and it is so true!
    I found the fear of the air horn along with standing in front of a crowd for the first time was making me super nervous but I hope to see you talk to an audience more!

  3. I think you got your point across very well. It wasn't easy for any of us, I missed out loads from mine and I only took 60 seconds.

  4. Hi Richard,

    Firstly I wanted to congratulate you on your bravery even getting up on the stage, fair play! I could relate a lot to your talk as I am trying to do something similar from a Recruitment point of view. Trying to undo a nearly two decades of Terrible Recruiters giving us a VERY bad name. I look forward to meeting you on Thursday to speak further.


  5. Very useful info. Thanks!

    -NaveenKumar N