Talks / Workshops

This page is to track past and upcoming talks and workshops.
I will also link to any materials such as slides, code and videos if the session was recorded.


I have no plans to attend any other conferences other than TestBash in 2017. I will be at TestBash BrightonTestBash Germany (October 6th), TestBash Manchester and again at TestBash Philadelphia.

I'm currently travelling the world though, so I'm hoping to attend lots of local meetups on my journey. I've speaking at Sydney and teaching my LegoAutomation class in Melbourne and Wellington in 2017.

TestBash Brighton 2017

Full Day Class: Lego Automation (Read more about this class here)
Talk: Coach, Explorer and Toolsmith walk into a...




Talk: Automation in Testing

Euro Testing Conference

Talk: My Experiences With Testing and Checking

Copenhagen Context

Tutorial: Agile Testing Strategy - Responding to Change


Workshop: Agile Testing Strategy - Responding to Change
Workshop: Lego Automation

Test Leadership Congress QA Expo

Tutorial: Technical Mobile Testing with Stephen Janaway
Workshop: Lego Automation
Talk: Automation Strategy
New York, April 25th-28th

Scottish Testing Group

Talk: Automation in Testing
Glasgow, May 11th

Romanian Testing Conference

Talk: How to become a testing toolsmith
Tutorial: Being a testing toolsmith [Sold Out]
Cluj, May 19th-20th

Lets Test

Workshop: A Man Overboard
Workshop: Battle Royal - Automation vs Exploration
Workshop: So.... you wanna be a teSTAR
May 23rd-25th

Nordic Testing Days

Tutorial: Technical Mobile Testing [Sold Out]
Tallinn, June 1st-3rd

Fusion Technology Meetup

Talk: 10 Things About The Tester / Developer Relationship.
Birmingham, June 16th

Test Automation Days

Breakout Session: Automation, Now, Then, Where
Rotterdam, June 23rd

CAST (Conference of the Association of Software Testing)

Tutorial: Let's Take Automated Checks Beyond WebDriver
Vancouver, August 8th-10th


Tutorial: Lego Automation
Workshop: Hands on Testing with Proxies
Talk: Being a Testing Toolsmith
Dallas, September 19th-22nd

New Testing Conference

Tutorial: Taking Automated Checking Beyond WebDriver
New York, September 25th-29th

Lets Test South Africa

Workshop: Lego Automation
Talk: The life of a testing craftsman
Nr Johannesburg, October 2nd-4th

TestBash Manchester

Organiser: I'm organising the first TestBash conference in Manchester!
Manchester, October 21st-22nd

EuroSTAR Testing Conference

Tutorial: Lego Selenium
Stockholm, October 31st - November 3rd

TestBash Philadelphia

Organiser: I'm organising the first TestBash conference in Philadelphia!
Philadelphia, November 10th-11th

Selenium Conference

Tutorial: Getting Started With Selenium WebDriver
London, November 14th-16th

Agile & Automation Days

Keynote: Mobile - The Clue Is In The Name
Tutorial: Technical Mobile Testing
Warsaw, November 21st-22nd

Agile Testing Days

Tutorial: Let's Take Automated Checks Beyond WebDriver
Potsdam, December 5th-9th


Agile Testing Days

Talk: Automation in Testing


Discussion Track: Automation in Testing

Tiny TestBash

Mobile App Europe

Workshop: Hands On Mobile Testing With Proxies

Nordic Testing Days

Workshop: Lego Automation
Talk: WebDriver Beyond Checks


Workshop: Lego Automation

Romanian Testing Conference

Tutorial: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver


Talk: Automation in Testing


Agile Testing Days

Talk: Developers Testing? Yes and Enjoying It!

CAST (Conference of the Association of Software Testing)

Talk: Test Automation != Less Testers || Faster Testing || More Time For ET

Belgium Testing Days

Workshop: PageObject Pattern. Why, How and More