Whiteboard Testing

Short, informative videos about testing from the whiteboard.

Update: We've now had over 8000 views, and have nearly 500 subscribers.
Our most popular videos are "Regression Testing, the F.A.R.T Model" and "I'm QA. It's in QA. It's being QA'ed. You sure about that?" with 2700 and 1100 respectively.

This is an initiative from Friendly Testing (@FriendlyTester) to get some more informative software testing videos on YouTube. We are not talking, hour long videos, we are talking 5-10minutes to introduce an idea/concept, and those interested enough, can reply, comment or even video reply (that would be cool) or research more for themselves.

If you are interested in posting a video on Whiteboard Testing please contact me (@FriendlyTester) with your video. No fancy production required, as long as they are informative and includes a whiteboard/flipchart to enhance the message, perfect!

I've written more about Whiteboard Testing in this blog post.

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